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This document confirms your consignment with DuaVivo (OCI Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd.). Hereby, the seller would be referred to as the Consignor and the Company, the Consignee. Confirmation of the consignment is subject to the below mentioned points.

  • Confidentiality

    DuaVivo assures the Consignor complete confidentiality of their identity and information while transacting through the consignment mode.
  • Authentication

    You, as a Consignor, attest to the authenticity of all agreed upon items, and you confirm that you have not knowingly attempted to resell counterfeit or fake products to/on (portal or app).


DuaVivo does not and will not entertain the entry of any counterfeit or fake products in any manner on the portal and thus, reserves the right to initiate any legal proceedings.


  • Ownership

    Consignor attests that they have the legal title to, are in legal possession of, and have no liability whatsoever attached to any or all products that DuaVivo is entitled to sell on behalf of them.


  • Logistics

    We recommend that you arrange for pickup/ delivery of your product(s). If at all you want us to do the pickup/ delivery, the same can be organized by us with a reputed logistics company. Nevertheless, risk of any damage, theft, etc., during transit is not the responsibility of DuaVivo and it is at your own risk.


Consignors can ship the item(s) to the DuaVivo warehouse:


OCI Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd.

#23, 3rd Floor, 

Next to Mother Theresa School,

MES Road, Bahubali Nagar

Bangalore 560013


Gentle reminder to Consignors to ensure that the items being sent are 100% authentic and do not have any wear & tear or damages.


In case any item is not approved by the DuaVivo team after a final inspection basis: 


  • Authenticity
  • Condition 
  • Final price not acceptable by the Consignor
  • or any other reason


a flat fee of Rs. 1,000 to be paid by Consignor towards service and delivery of the unapproved items back to the Consignor. Consignors can choose to pay the same through an RTGS, bank deposit, Paytm transfer, COD or deduction from sale proceeds of other accepted item(s) of the Consignor. 


  • Duration

    The Contract is valid from the date of confirmation by the consignor on the terms & conditions mentioned in the contract and the final price of the item(s). The consignment period, however, begins as soon as the item(s) is displayed on the DuaVivo online portals. There is a seven-day interval between confirmation of final prices by the consignor and the listing of the respective item on the DuaVivo online portals. During this interval, the item(s) undergoes authentication, spa cleaning, professional photography, etc. 
  • Payout to Consignee*
    On receiving a query to sell with us, our valuation team through their extensive research and understanding of the item(s) for sale, provide the consignor with an estimated range of the amount that
    will be paid to the consignor on successful sale of the item. The payout is dependent on the brand, style, condition, demand, original packaging, category, etc. of the item(s) for sale.

    A final payout is communicated to the consignor via email/ notification based on the physical inspection of the item. In 90% cases, the final payout is within the estimated price range communicated beforehand to the consignor. In cases where the final payout is outside of the estimated price range, a clear explanation will be given for the same.
  • Price Reduction

    To improve chances to sell, the consignor can reduce the payout at their own discretion by getting in touch with the DuaVivo team. Reducing the payout will automatically reduce the selling price of the item on the website & app, and the item will be sold under the “Hot Deals” section by default. Once the reduced payout is proposed and accepted by the consignor, it is taken as the consignor’s final decision and an increase in the payment further on will not be possible.


DuaVivo is responsible and authorized to take all necessary steps to sell your product on and the DuaVivo App & store. This includes writing the descriptions, highlighting the effects and uploading photographs of the product and also display at the store. No prior permission for the sale will be taken from the consignor.


  • Offers will be accepting offers from customers on your item(s) and communicating the same to you. reserves the right to accept or reject an offer on your item(s) if it is equal to or Rs. 3,000 more than the payout mentioned to you. If the offers received are less than, equal to, or up to Rs. 3,000 more than the payout given to you, then a reduced payout is communicated to the consignor, which is accepted or rejected on the consignor’s discretion.

However, once an offer is accepted by consignor, the same cannot be undone by the consignor.


  • Termination:

    The Contract stands terminated: (i) if the consignor wishes to remove his/her listing and the product is removed from the portal, or (ii) on the sale of the product.


Unsold products requested back by the consignor within 3 months of the consignment period, will be shipped back subject to a penalty fee of Rs. 4,000 per item, paid by the consignor to DuaVivo. After completion of 3 months, unsold products requested back by the consignor, will be shipped back subject to a service fee of Rs. 1,300 per item. This amount is towards costs incurred by DuaVivo in authentication, spa, photography, logistics, packaging, marketing, etc. of the item. The product returned to the consignor will be a thoroughly spa-cleaned one.

In case the item is not sold within 3 months of the consignment period, despite all efforts by DuaVivo:

  1. The selling price of item(s), and consequently the net income of the consignor, will automatically get reduced. The product will be listed under the "Hot Deals" section automatically. The listing under "Hot Deals" is valid until either the item gets sold or the consignor opts for a return of the product. There is no lock-in period for this. The payout to the consignor is subsequently reduced as well. An email/ notification
    will be sent to the consignor 7 days prior to the end of the first three months. Consignor may either accept or opt for a return of the items (with return fees to be paid as applicable). No response from the consignor on this will be taken as a confirmation by default.  


  1. The consignor can alternatively opt for a return of their item(s), on full payment of a fee of Rs. 1,300 per product towards the operational and marketing expenses incurred on the product.

PLEASE NOTE: Consignment does not mean “sale” of the item. In other words, you the Consignor, legally give the rights to DuaVivo to sell your Product. Until it is sold on our portal, the product is the property of the Consignor. 

The legal ownership is transferred to the Buyer of the item on the day the product is purchased and shipped to the Buyer and the Consignor is notified.


  • Payment

    The payment will be scheduled within 15 Working days of successful sale of the product through online Bank transfer, subject to all details being furnished by the consignor to facilitate the payment. Payment to Consignor will be made via online transfers, NEFT/RTGS, bank deposit only.
    Self cheque/ Cash in hand will not be given by DuaVivo.


  • Promotional Offers

    DuaVivo runs promotions or further discounts of up to 10% on special occasions like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, New Year, etc. Consignor will not be troubled with regards to these unless the selling price encroaches the Rs. 3,000 buffer from the payout.

*The difference in the final selling price and the payout to the consignor is the commission earned by DuaVivo towards expenses incurred in logistics, authentication, spa, photography, marketing, discounts, giveaways, etc.*

*Terms & Conditions are subject to change*